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Tag! Your Pet is IT with Shaggy Tag ID Tags


We LOVE all the products we review here but this is the FIRST time that we asked for more!  Shaggy Tag License ID tags are the new “IT” dog accessory for 2008.  Once we put the tag on our Westie, Packard, we knew we had to have them for our other four-legged kids.  This is the first product we have reviewed that is a necessary fashion accessory for big and small dogs, cats, ferrets, etc.   This is a fashionable, original tag that will also keep your pet safe.

Safety First
The tag resembles a driver’s license which is a really cute and innovative idea.  However, the information provided on this tag is invaluable if your pet is lost.  Besides the picture on the tag, the information gives the dog’s name, address, and telephone number clearly along with their vital statistics such as fur color, weight, sex, and eyecolor. This tag is laminated with a sturdy clear plastic and is so much easier to read than  engraved tags where reading important information is difficult.  The sturdy laminated tag is attached to a strong ring which will attach to the d ring of the dog’s collar or harness.  The tag itself is 2.25" x 1.25" which is the perfect size for any dog over six pounds.  If you have a smaller dog, or just want a smaller tag, you can order the smaller version which is 2" x 1.12".
Fashion Friendly
Packard is a very active pup who runs, digs, rolls, and plays hard.We were pleasantly surprised that this tag looked as good after one month as it did when we attached it to his collar.Another advantage of this tag is that it is QUIET.  No longer do we have to hear the annoying jingle, jingle of the tag as Packard runs through the house.The distinctive design of the tag is what we love the most!  This tag was a hit at the vet’s office with everyone wanting to know where we found such an attractive, extraordinary ID tag! Shaggytag provides their license designs to reflect every state including Alaska and Hawaii. The Shaggy Tag License ID tag is a fun, amusing, and delightful accessory that will enhance any collar or harness.
Price is Perfect!
The price of this fun and flirty tag is only $17.95 plus shipping.  The designers recognize that many households have more than one pet and have a special offer where you can buy two tags and receive one free!  Do you have at least one picture of your pet?  Then it is incredibly easy to fill out the Shaggy Tag form, upload your pet’s picture, and simply wait for the tag to arrive!
Not just an ID Tag…..
Traveling with your pet or just traveling?  Shaggy Tag designers offer luggage tags as well!  These tags are perfect for a pet traveling in a carrier or even on your own luggage! The luggage tags not only are a reminder of your pet when traveling, but are perfect for easy and quick luggage identification.  These tags are wonderful keychains and magnets as well.

Shaggytag License ID tags, keychains, luggage tags, and magnets are great gifts for your favorite pet or pet lover.
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The Shaggy Tag designers have offered a free personalized License ID Tag to a lucky winner for our December Contest!  Enter Here to WIN!